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Pepper Piper: Monster Hunter

Creator / Author

Vashmere Valentine is a multi-award-winning film director, screenwriter, and author credited for his contributions to creating content for unspoken minority groups. His most notable work is the multi-award-winning fantasy short film titled "The Wish and The Wisp," which currently holds 88 awards, 56 nominations, and 176 official selections from film festivals worldwide.

At the age of twenty, Vashmere Valentine began a successful acting career, making appearances on popular shows like Law and Order, MTV, and a series of independent films and television commercials. After a successful acting career, Vashmere returned to his love for writing & directing and since then has continued to impress the film industry with his unique vision.


"My desire as a content creator is to create new content that will strike a chord with my audience and to create unforgettable characters that will remain within their hearts and minds for years to come."

Vashmere Valentine
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