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November 25th 2023

Ugh, another day in this lame, mundane existence. Why does everyone have to be so basic and fake? It's like I'm living in a world of clones, and I'm the only one who didn't get the memo. Anyway, things have been getting weirder lately. I can't shake the feeling that someone is watching me, following my every move. It's probably just paranoia or the universe playing a sick joke on me. Whatever.

November 26th 2023

I spent the day at school, surrounded by a sea of conformity. But, guess what? I caught someone staring at me from across the cafeteria. Dark, intense eyes locked onto mine. Freaky, right? I could feel their gaze burning through my soul. I tried to shake it off, but it's like they're haunting me. I need to stay alert, diary. Something isn't right.

November 27th 2023

The stalking vibes are getting stronger. I saw the same person at the mall today. I swear, they were following me from store to store, keeping a distance but always there. Is it some sick game? A twisted crush? I can't put my finger on it, but I feel the tension building like a storm about to break. I need to figure out who this creep is and what they want.


November 28th 2023

Tonight, I decided to confront this shadowy figure. I went to my favorite underground punk show at the abandoned warehouse. The music was loud, the crowd wild, but I felt eyes on me. It was them again, lurking in the shadows. I confronted them, but they disappeared into the crowd. This is seriously getting under my skin. What do they want from me? It's like a nightmare I can't wake up from. Gotta go, will update soon... 

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