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B. Grimm Academy

At B. Grimm Academy your children's future is in our hands. Our goal is to create a safe environment, where children may explore their hidden gifts to help create a bigger and brighter world for us all.

Illustrated Music World


Children gifted in the arts are likely to think and express themselves creatively and in original ways. These students have a strong desire to create in a visual form as ideas, imagination, humor, or personal experiences that drives them.

Illustrated Musical Instruments


Children who are musically gifted and talented are generally characterized by having extraordinary listening skills, superior cognitive knowledge, creativity, and skillful performance.

Tennis Court


Athleticism is formed by ten key components that make up balanced physical fitness, or what we refer to as complete athleticism. They are strength, speed, power, agility, anaerobic capacity, aerobic capacity, mobility, balance and coordination, mental resilience, and stability.

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