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The appreciation of characters like Pepper Piper in a comic book is odd as the enthusiasm for reading novels and manga has grown in the African American community. However, characters like Pepper Piper help us to reflect, explore and enhance our perception of these groups changing our perspective of African American punks, goths, and bisexuals which helps to reduce stereotypes around appearance and behavior.


In most communities, bi-sexuals, punks, and goths are seen as misguided misfits and are not given a chance to make themselves visible. Comic books like Pepper Piper appreciate these hidden cultures, particularly in the Black community, and teens that can relate to her will gain interest in exploring Pepper's world and learning how the world perceives them.​​

We are entertained by stories of superhumans from other planets. Ironically, the humans that live on this planet often find it almost impossible to show the world who they are and be proud of their culture including the culture of punks and LGBTQ individuals. Pepper Piper serves as a means to campaign and bring visibility to these unspoken groups and make the world appreciate their individualities.


Visibility through comic books is necessary to change the status quo and not just for good writing. Greater inclusion of such characters in comics brings prideful content and increased visibility to these unspoken communities.

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