Small Space Solution: A Chic Home Office

For those of you that have just moved into their first condo, you and I, more than anyone, can appreciate the condo conundrum: turning 600 sq ft. into a cozy, yet well-organized place to call home!

Being on a budget also meant that I had to tackle my space in sections. A few months ago, I started devoting my time and money into my "office", which is a code word for a somewhat small space located across from my kitchen island.

I had to ensure I had a clean, yet well-organized place to store my bills, important documents, and technology widgets, but in a chic, and contemporary design. 

A couple key pieces helped me accomplish my home office goals. The first, are the reverse wall mounts that I got from CB2. They come in a number of different sizes and colours, at a pretty reasonable price. This is where I keep all my home bills, agendas, and documents that need to be easily accessible. I disguise them with one of my favourite prints from etsy which keeps the space looking tidy. 

Another favorite is my marble wall-mounted shelf, also from CB2. I love this shelf not only because its marble but also of how it can easily change up a space. Some days it carries purses, others, it carries photographs and mementos. The only constant piece on this shelf are the candle holders my best friend Lexxy got me when I was in grade 11.

Recently, I started using a flower vase to keep track of all my receipts for the past month. It ended up working out great because it went well with my white color theme and allows me to easily access bills that I need (without forgetting where I put them).

P.S. another thing that keeps me organized is my bando agenda! check them out if you haven't alreadyΒ 

P.S. another thing that keeps me organized is my bando agenda! check them out if you haven't already 

Happy Decorating! 

Pepper and Piper xx