Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother's Day less than two weeks away, we thought we'd share with you our picks for Mum! I'd be more than happy to gift any one of these items to my Mum, the infamous @linderpinder. I hope you find something that you like to share with the special ladies in your life.

Our Gift Guide

1. Howl to Hollow
I shared my Malawi Bring Down print from Erin Armstrong this post and this piece is by the same artist. 

2. JSlide Espadrilles
I saw these espadrilles in person this week and almost snatched them up myself. 

3. Janessa Leon Hat
The perfect wide brimmed hat to keep the summer sun off your mum's shoulders.

4. Chloe Perfume
A classic and sophisticated musky floral scent and a personal favorite.

5. Beach Towel
How cute is this banana leaf beach towel?! It pairs perfectly with Number 7 on our list, the Kayu Tote.

6. Elizabeth & James Earrings
A great pair of edgier ear cuff earrings in an interesting starburst shape.

7. McPherson Ave x Kayu Tote
This tote is perfect for all the Muskoka Moms out there! McPherson Ave is opening at the SWS Marina Pop-Up Village in Minett on June 1. Stock up on this bag quick; we've heard they're flying off the shelves.

8. AromaOM
I shared these items in our April Favorites and can't think of a better gift for mom.

Let us know what your plans are for Mother's Day! We'll be spending it with our family for our annual brunch.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Pepper & Piper

April Favorites

Here's a round up of the things we were loving in April! 


Club Monaco Tatelyn Top
Pepper: I picked up this top from Club Monaco a little over a month ago and it has been in high rotation ever since. This top adds enough sophistication to the white t-shirt with a cinched waist to be able to pull it  off in a more traditional work environment. I cannot even count the number of compliments I've received on this top since I started wearing it.

Zara Boyfriend Jeans
Pepper: I added these jeans to my closet after feeling frustrated with my "weekend wear". I either had tight skinny jeans or loser "track trousers" like this pair and nothing in between. When I tried these jeans on in Zara I knew they were coming home with me. They're the perfect weekend casual jean and were under $70!

I've added both of these items to our Shop section! You can shop my closet using this link.


Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer
Pepper: I've been using this tinted moisturizer for 3 months and have been loving it! It's a dupe for the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and at $14 it's definitely worth checking out. I love that this moisturizer goes on smooth and doesn't have a cakey feel. It's the perfect amount of light coverage.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Pepper: This powder was recommended to me by a friend and I picked up the small tester size from Sephora which is perfect for my small makeup collection. It's taken some getting used to with the loose powder but I've seen a definite improvement in the length of the wear of my makeup. My face remains matte well throughout the day before having to reapply. 


Saje AromaOM
Pepper: Our mom has religiously used her AromaOM since the Saje in Toronto opened a little over two years ago. On our parent's recent trip to SF, she discovered a newly opened Saje on Fillmore in Pac Heights and bought me my own. The AromaOM infuses your air with water and natural essential oils which is a wonderful alternative to candle or incense. I've been loving using it in my place.

Detroit Rose Candle
Pepper: I picked up this Patchouli & Amber scented Detroit Rose Candle from ANOMIE in late December and have been obsessed with it. I've always been drawn to muskier scents and this candle is exactly that. The quality of the wax is amazing and it will burn for hours (66+ to be exact). 

We hope you enjoyed our April Favorites! We can hardly believe its May. Let us know in the comments if you've tried any these products or if you have recommendations for similar items.

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper & Piper

#TheSundaySeries: @erinaart x framebridge

For as long as I can remember, I've loved art and was thrilled when I came across @erinaart on Instagram, and old friend turned artist. I instantly fell in love with the style of her work and had been eyeing this print for over six months before I finally purchased it. You can check out her website here.

The Malawi Bring Through piece is striking and I knew it would be perfect for above my bed. I purchased the print in a 40 x 30 inch size which is quite large but perfect for over a queen bed. For a general rule of thumb when looking for art work, you want the piece to be about 2/3 the size of the item you're hanging it above.

The print came unframed and after some research, I settled on using Framebridge, an online framing service. For my custom 40 x 30 frame, the total came to only $140 which is amazing considering comparables I'd seen online and in store started at $200! I placed my order online, received a free shipping label, and was at FedEx the next day sending off my print to be framed. 

My piece returned via mail within 3 weeks. I was a little nervous about the frame being shipped all the way from Philadelphia to San Francisco but it arrived tightly packaged in a box and lots of bubble wrap. Framebridge adds some really beautiful personal touches to your order including a thank you note and hanging instructions; not to mention the back of the frame is amazing!

The space above my bed was begging to be decorated and for a pop of color! My stark white walls reach over 11 ft high and needed either a headboard or statement piece of art. My place in San Francisco is definitely temporary so I decided to add a piece of art that can be used in any place rather than a headboard which might not fit into the next place I'm in.

I used the hanging techniques I saw in a Studio McGee blog post on how to hang art. I chose their approach of hanging the center of the frame 60 inches off the ground; this worked perfectly with the height of my bed and pillows. I used a measuring tape, painter's tape, a level, 50 lb. hanging hooks, and a hammer to get the job done. I used the painters tape to tape off the top half of my piece above the 60 inch mark. I was then able to hammer my hooks into the wall accurately using a level. I was able to do this all by myself but a second set of hands would make things a bit easier.

I couldn't be happier with the end result of my DIY art project. I absolutely love this piece and the life that it brings to my small studio apartment. I truly believe that a home is not complete without some artistic touches and whether that's adding a concert poster, a framed tea towel, or a painting, your options are endless. I've done a previous post on a smaller accent wall in my place if you're looking for some more inspiration.

Make sure to check out Erin's website and @erinaart Instagram! And checkout Framebridge as an alternative to traditional framing. You'll get 15% off your first order.  

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper XX

Shop Pepper & Piper

We've been working on a new feature that's finally live on Pepper & Piper! You are now able to start shopping our homes and closets in our shop

We get tons of questions and requests from our followers about the things they see in our homes and the things we wear and where to find them. Now, our favorites are all in one place that will direct you to online retailers where you can purchase items to add to your own collection. 

The first section of the shop that's live is Pepper's home and we are in the process of working on Piper's home and our closets. Make sure to check it out and leave us any questions/comments on other items you want to see. 

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Pepper & Piper XX

#TheSundaySeries: All About the One Piece

I've always been all about the one piece. It probably goes back to my summers spent at camp where a one piece was part of the dress code and it's stuck with me ever since. There's just something very comforting about being held in from all angles. While I wouldn't classify myself as curvy, I definitely have a butt and boobs that make finding a swim suit extremely difficult. 

I came across this one piece from Aerie and loved the fact that it had a low back and high cut sides. I find with my butt, I love the barely there coverage which seems to create a nice silhouette. This swim suit is also very low cut on the sides but still holds in the 'girls' but I don't think I'll be wearing it for any serious water activities like wake surfing or water skiing. 

This particular style comes in multiple different colors and patters (linked below) that will appeal to everyone. I obviously gravitated to the black one but there are great pink, blue, and graphic options as well. I've also linked some Onia one pieces below that I've been seeing all over the place online. 

It can be hard to find the confidence to even put on a bathing suit but I feel great in this one. Aerie does a great job at celebrating body confidence in any shape or size so I encourage you to try out one of their suits! I'm definitley excied about getting some use out of mine this summer.

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper XX