YouTube Roundup: Lifestyle

I've been a huge fan of YouTube videos since my early days of university (crazy to think this is back in 2008 now!). As much as I now love Instagram and Snapchat, there's something different about watching and connecting with someone through YouTube. Of course my tastes and interests have changed over the years but I've come up with 3 categories and many channels that I think you'll enjoy.  

Today, I'm sharing my Lifestyle favorites with more from Beauty and Home Decor to come over the next few weeks. I categorize my Lifestyle favorites as girls sharing fashion, beauty, hauls, vlogs, and get ready with me videos! Keep reading (and watching) below for my 5 Lifestyle favs!

Chriselle Lim | @chrisellelim

Chriselle Lim is great! She's a working mom of a young daughter and has turned her blog and Youtube channel into her career. Her channel is geared towards fashion but has also been incorporating the occasional vlog recently. She also gives really great Korean skincare tips!

Lydia Elise Millen | @lydiaemillen

I've recently discovered Lydia Elise Millen and have become slightly obsessed. She is a lifestyle blogger based in the UK and posts three new videos a week ranging from hauls, vlogs, tags, and fashion. She is definitely geared towards highlighting luxury brand items (which I quite enjoy watching) but if you're not into hearing about those items, I might move on.

Kristina Braly | @kristinabraly

I love Kristina Braly! She is a lifestyle YouTuber that I've been following for years and also love that she is an Anesthesiologist MD. YouTube is her hobby and she dedicates a lot of her free time to making videos that range from vlogs, get ready with me, hauls, and the occasional beauty video. Similar to Elise, she is into luxury bags and offers really great reviews on bags and tips on how to care for them.

The Anna Edit | @theannaedit

Another UK YouTuber to add to the list! I love Anna from the Anna Edit. She is a really down to earth personality who features a lot of affordable hauls, beauty items, and fashion. She has a great take on a capsule wardrobe and always provides great inspiration.

Mimi Ikonn and Real Leyla | @mimiikonn @real_leyla

I really admire Mimi! I've been following Mimi and her sister Leyla since 2010 with their Luxy Hair channel. They started as hair and beauty tutorials which have both developed into lifestyle channels. Mimi and Leyla are originally from Azerbaijan but now respectively live in London and Toronto. They both have an amazingly positive outlook on life which shines through both of their channels. 

I've added some shopable links below from some of the that these YouTubers have featured in recent videos. Hope you enjoy!

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