YouTube Roundup: Beauty

I hope you all enjoyed my previous post in this series on my favorite Lifestyle YouTubers! You can catch up on that post here if you missed it. I'm back today with my favorite Beauty YouTubers.

In my mind, there's a definite difference between being a Beauty Guru on YouTube and having a Lifestyle channel. These ladies are professional and either have a background in make up/hair or have truly perfected the craft. All of the people who made my list style every day and special event looks as well as provide great reviews on new or hyped products.

Camila Coelho | @camilacoelho

Camila Coelho is a true Beauty Guru! She's had a channels on YouTube since the beginning. I love watching her English channel for makeup tips but she also has a Portuguese channel; she's originally from Brazil but now lives in the US. Her skin is flawless and she does some amazing highlighter. 

Carli Bybel | @carlibel

Carli Bybel is another great Beauty Guru. She focuses on full face, full coverage foundation make up looks which isn't my everyday go to but they are always flawless. She does really amazing looks on her eyes and isn't afraid to play around with colored shadows. Even though shes from Jersey, shes a fan of country music which sits well with me!

Carah Amelie | @carahamelie

Carah Amelie is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist and you can tell from her videos. I love that the majority of her looks use drug store products that are reasonably priced. She's also come out with some great dupes for Sephora and department store products. 

Elanna Pecherle | @ellepearls

Elanna is a newcomer to the YouTube Beauty Guru scene but has already grown her channel to almost 150K subscribers! Elanna, my sister, and I all worked at the same summer camp years ago and I knew she always had a talent for beauty and hair. I love watching her videos and seeing the looks that she comes up with. 

I've added some shopable links below from some of the that these YouTubers have featured in recent videos. Hope you enjoy!

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