Kupfert & Kim

Outfit Details: Jacket: Haight & Ashbury
Shoes: NIKE Air Force Ones Jeans: Paige Bag: Givenchy

We have been lucky enough to work with Kupfert + Kim for Celiac Awareness Month over the past week and are giving away five free meals to one lucky winner! The contest ends tomorrow at 12pm EST, so if you get the chance, make sure to check out all the details on Instagram, here and K&K's Instagram here. As some of you know, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 2010, and have visited K&K since it opened so this giveaway is something we are passionate and excited about. 

I like wearing super casual clothing to brunch on Sundays, but with a touch of flare, so I added my Hermes belt and bracelet as well as a frilly shirt to dress up my outfit. These Paige ripped jeans are amazing and feel like you're in sweatpants; they're so comfy! I'm obsessed with my Paige Jeans. (BTW: Huge sale going on at Anthropologie this weekend, with 20% off of all regular priced jeans, including Paige! )

Kupfert is such a great option for those who used to find eating out at restaurants difficult due to an allergy or personal preference to eat vegan. Their slogan "Wheatless, Meatless" should also include "delicious" because everything on their menu is amazing. Some of my personal favourites at K&K include the : OAXACA, Cauliflower Tahiti, Green Smoothie, FCP, and the famous K&K Waffles (below)!

The Spadina location is the only location out of the six open on the weekends, so make sure you get there early to grab a table because it is always busy! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Piper xx