Welcome to Pepper & Piper

Welcome to Pepper & Piper, a lifestyle blog created by the two of us! We’re two sisters who are identical but look nothing alike, share the same interests but are interested in different things, and have the same personality but act completely opposite of one another, but most importantly we round the other person out when we’re together.

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We want to use this as an outlet where two sisters bring together our ideas of style, food, beauty, and fitness. Located in San Francisco and Toronto, we tackle life as 20-something year olds in two of the most vibrant, diverse, and exhilarating cities in the world.

Hi! I’m Katie, also known as Pepper, and am a 25 year old living in San Francisco after relocating from Toronto almost a year ago. I’m a bean counter by day (a more inspired word for Accountant), and a creative content creator 24/7.

I’m Maggie, otherwise known as Piper, and am a 23 year old Canadian Celiac. I recently started an awesome career at the fastest growing tech company in the world. Outside the hours of 8-5, you can find me sweating at F45, whipping up delicious GF meals, or toasting a glass of red wine with friends and family.

What is your inspiration for starting Pepper & Piper?

M: Mostly for us. We know there are lots of other outstanding blogs out there that are established, witty, and attract the audience we hope to appeal to; but we also know that Pepper & Piper has been a long time in the making, and has been a constant thought in the back of both of our minds. What better way and time to start something while living over 3643 km away from each other. Being around impressively smart and ambitious people all day has inspired Pepper and I to chase after things we’ve always been passionate about; socially connecting all things that embody life & style.

K: Someone asked us over the holidays what we’d really like to do and I didn’t have an immediate answer, which to be honest, scared me a little bit. We’ve both been plugged into the blogosphere since early 2008 and have always loved seeing how others creatively express themselves. Although I’m a bean counter and Piper is in Sales, we’ve always been creatively charged and artistically inspired. We’re looking forward to exploring our creative side through this outlet over the coming year and hope you’ll do the same!

What is your favo(u)rite thing about your city?

K: San Francisco is a crazy kind of wonderful. It is the biggest global hub for entrepreneurship, which means I’m constantly surrounded by highly motivated and interesting people. This city is full of every type of creative being from technology through to fashion. People in this city are hungry to be the best at what they do and come up with the next big thing. It is the birth place of Uber, Salesforce, and Levis after all.

M: Toronto, or now, better known as “the 6” is such an amazing place to live and work. I love acting like a tourist in this city, because there is always something new popping up. Some of my most recent favourite adventures have been Andy Warhol Revisited, my new salon Lac & Co, and enjoying Kinky Boots after dinner at Dandylion. I definitely can’t forget to mention my love for the coffee shops.  

Where does your paycheck go?

K: SoulCycle (yes I’m part of the cult), coffee to fuel my caffeine addiction, and concerts or any type of live music.
M: Trying new restaurants, boutique coffee shops, airplane tickets, F45 Liberty Village and of course, new clothes!

What are your guilty pleasures?

M: Sex & The City reruns, peanut butter (although it is turning into an unhealthy obsession!), and shellac manicures
K: Peanut M&Ms, and Gossip girl reruns (Chuck + Blair forever)

Where does the name Pepper and Piper come from?

K: It goes back to before we were born. Our dad fought for his two daughters to be called Pepper & Piper, but our mum was having none of it! The ironic part is that we ended up with names on the other side of the spectrum - Katharine Grace and Margaret Elizabeth.
M: Needless to say, we thought Pepper & Piper suited this side of us just a little bit better!

We’re really looking forward to sharing all things fashion, beauty, fitness, and home with you and hope that you will join us!

We had an amazing time with @thrumikeslens shooting the photos for this post in Toronto! Make sure to check out his blog and his daily pics on Instagram. We'll be featuring some of his photos on @pepper.piper this week.

Lots of love,
Pepper & Piper