#TheSundaySeries: Feb Fit

Welcome back to another installment of #TheSundaySeries! Today, we're talking all about fitness from our favorite classes to workout gear. As great as it is to enjoy a lazy Sunday, make sure you get your sweat on too!

Fav Workout Classes in Your City?

Pepper: I have two favorite studios in SF that are both centered around core strengthening and whole body conditioning. Core 40 is an awesome studio with 6 locations around the city. They use the Lagree Method on the Megaformer with some locations offering ramped machines for some extra burn. The second is Burn SF, in Russian Hill, which focuses more on Pilates while incorporating some HIIT. You will be sure to get your sweat on at either studio! I also take the occasional SoulCycle class to get in a good cardio workout.

I'm sure as many of you in SF know that boutique workout and spinning classes can be expensive so I also try to incorporate at home or outdoor workouts. I'm a big fan of Sweat with Kayla and P90X. I'm actually currently on day 45 of my first full round of P90X and have seen a huge change in my body!

Piper: If theres one thing I'm okay with spending quite a bit of $$$ on, it surrounds health & wellness. That being said, my list is extensive! My everyday go-to workout is F45. I discovered this gem after seeing a segment on CP24 over 1.5 years ago when it first opened, and I've been hooked ever since. A really great review comes from coco&cowe here. To slow things down a bit, I really enjoy Studio Lagree. Similar to Pepper's Core 40 workout, it focuses on core strengthening and muscle lengthening. To stretch things out, I rely on a sweaty Pure Yoga Liberty Village session. UNDR GRND aka RIDE Cycle Club from Vancouver just opened up shop and I'm officially obsessed! Their fire playlists, A-list Instructors (Shout Out to Kyle), and choreography set the tone for an unbeatable 50 minute sweat session. I can't wait to for their official studio launch beside the Local on Ossington in a few weeks! 

Favourite Workout or Athlesiure Brands?

Pepper: I am a true Lululemon fan. I discovered Lulu when I was in the 8th grade on a family trip to Vancouver and have never really looked back. My current go to look are a pair of leggings and a sports bra. I always make sure to buy leggings WITHOUT a zipper on back of the waistband as it can be very uncomfortable on a Pilates reformer. Even though Lululemon is a big upfront investment, I see the payoff with their items lasting me years before they are tossed.

Whats in Your Gym Bag?

Pepper: I don't use a traditional gym bag. If I'm heading to a class, I'm usually already dressed in my workout clothes and just make sure to bring my Swell bottle and a snack with me! If I'm on the go on the weekend, I'll pack a larger purse with an extra bra and t-shirt to do errands in afterwards.

Morning or Evenings? 

Pepper: Honestly, I'm a fan of both and make sure that I make my daily schedule work for me. I'm currently working out 6 days a week with P90X and make sure to alternate mornings and evenings to give my week some variety. One tip for my SF ladies, the studios mentioned above book up almost a week in advance for the 6AM and 650AM classes so make sure you plan ahead if you want that morning workout.

Piper: Similar to Pepper, I agree that working with your time is the best way to accomplish a great workout. I find my best cardio workouts happen in the afternoon/ evening and early mornings are the most effective time for me to lift heavy. 

Fav Tech Accessories?

Pepper: My favorite thing to do is check my pedometer! I'm almost obsessed with getting to 10,000 steps a day. I tend to use my iPhone but also use my Fitbit from time to time. There's nothing more motivating than meeting that daily goal!

Piper: During the summer months, I tend to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement for a couple sweat sessions per week. But I will not leave home without my Beats by Dr. Dre. And while I prefer the over-ear version I know plenty of dedicated runners who will opt for the in-ear version instead. 

Best Training Shoes? 

Pepper: A lot of the exercise I do is barefoot so I tend to lean towards more Athleisure running shoes. I love these from NIKE that I saw on Julia from Gal Meets Glam and these Tubular kicks from ADIDAS. For those studios that require socks on the Megaformer, I like these Toesox.

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