Happy New Year Friends!

Seems a little late to be saying that, but as you've probably noticed we've been extremely busy over the last couple of months, which aside from our Instagram posts has taken a toll on our passion project; Pepper & Piper.  After some big life changes (switching jobs, moving,etc.),  we've both come together to talk about how important this outlet is for the both of us. So with that, we're happy to introduce our weekly Sunday Series!

Here is where we will work together to review the previous and future week's hot topics and obsessions from coast to coast. If there is something you're eager to know, shoot us an email and we'd be happy to include! (pepperandpiper@gmail.com) 


Part 1: The Month of Love

With the focus on Valentines Day coming up, we wanted to post our first series surrounded by all things girly and pink in mind. 

1) What Is Your Ideal Valentines Date?

Piper: This year, I'm foregoing a traditional Valentines Date with Devin to spend time with some of the other loves in my life; my girlfriends. No matter if its a friend or my boyfriend, my ideal Valentines date includes a sweat session, a meal at a new hot-spot and some bubbly. On Tuesday we're lucky enough to try out Toronto's Ride Cycle Club UNDR GRND (a sweat session) followed by popping some bubbly (check!) at my best friends new condo (hot-spot) that she gets the keys to that day!

Pepper: My boyfriend is quite the Italian cook, so spending some time planning a dinner I know he'll love, going grocery shopping for ingredients and then making it at home together accompanied with some red wine is my version of the ideal date. 

2) Is A First Date on Valentine's Day Appropriate?

Piper: I say GO FOR IT, as long as you do something low key. A lot of restaurants offer a hefty prix fixed menu and if the first date doesn't go as planned, that's a lot of courses to sit through together! Try doing some active like skating, biking, or bowling! 

Pepper: I've had some interesting first dates, so I would say pass on the invitation to meet someone new on Valentines Day and love yourself instead. Theres no harm in ordering a pizza, cracking open some red wine and doing you, girl! 

3) Chocolates or Flowers?

Piper: Can I say both? But if I had to pick, I'd say chocolate only because I am awful at keeping anything but Orchids alive! The Hedgehogs from Purdy's are my absolute favourite, so I'm hoping that come Tuesday my stockpile will replenish!

Pepper: Definitely Flowers. The SF Flower Market is where you can find me most Saturdays, so receiving a beautiful bouquet of Hydrangeas, Peonies or Tulips would be the perfect Valentine's Day Gift.

4) Any Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life? 

Piper:  Aside from the safe bet of Me Undies, Happy Socks, or a new LuLu Lemon Goodie; I say go for an experience. The purpose of Valentine's Day is to celebrate the love between you and your partner and theres nothing that says "I Love You" more than spending time together. For Devin and I that could mean a cooking class, a new workout, a spa day, dance lessons, or a wine tasting for example. These date ideas incorporate the passions that we share together with the added benefit trying something new.

5) Drink Recommendations?

Piper: Devin and I have recently been loving The Show. Although I totally judged this book by the cover (label), I couldn't believe the value you receive for under $20! We stubbled across this Cab Sauv after a recommendation from a colleague and has since been a feature over the last couple weekend dinners. 

To keep things girly and pink, I also recommend Gérard Bertrand Côte des Roses Rosé. Aside from the beautiful bottle aesthetic that features an etched-glass rose flower on the bottom, this Rosé is full-bodied and fresh, but elegant. 

6) Any Other Items You'd Recommend for February 14th?

P&P: Whether you're spending V-Day with a significant other, a new bae, your gals or alone, below is a list of must-haves:

  1. Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara
  2. Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium Perfume
  3. Côte des Roses Rosé
  4. Saje - Burning Love Soy Wax Candle
  5. Charbonnel et Walker Gourmet Chocolate
  6. MARY YOUNG - Canadian Made Lingerie and Loungewear

Let us know what your plans and must-haves are for Valentine's Day 2017! Shoot us an email or comment below to feature a question on next week's #SundaySeries!

As Always, Thanks for Stopping By!