Small Space Style: SF Bedroom

As part of my spring to do list, number 7 was about finding a new bedside table. I've been living in my apartment since August of 2015 and couldn't figure out how I wanted to decorate this small space but also make it functional. Square footage in SF comes with a premium price tag attached and the storage in my apartment is minimal. I knew whatever piece I found needed to have some kind of drawers so when I ended up finding this cube storage unit at Target (only $40) about a month ago it sparked my creativity.

The unit comes without the grey storage cubes so you have the option of having four exposed areas for decor or can choose to insert up to four cubes for maximum storage. The cubes run $14 each. I settled on two cubes and keep my hair tools in one and my electronics and books in the other. I swap out the decor in the other two decor cubes occasionally to keep the space fresh. Currently I have my Gucci Soho shoulder bag, some cute little Target decor items, and my JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker on display.

My family has always been obsessed with sheep skins so I incorporated a small rug right beside my table. It's a lovely treat in the morning to put my feet down onto something soft. I picked this one up on Amazon for $58 but you can also find them at IKEA for $22.

One of my favorite parts about this space is the artwork. I previously mentioned this piece in my Mother's Day gift guide and have subsequently moved it from my desk to this new table. The frame is from IKEA and was under $18. Inside, I have a tea towel that my mom gifted me last summer and shows the constellations in the summer night sky at our cottage. It was a local find at Cabin in Muskoka and was $15. This piece only cost me $33 total; you don't have to spend a lot of money to add an artistic element to a space.

Another item that didn't break the bank was this floor lamp from IKEA; it was only $45. I love the industrial design with the exposed electrical cord but that it also has a clean feminine feel with the white and gold coloring. 

Just like the cubes below, I swap out the decor on the top of the table as well. Currently, I have some floral accents, a marble sandalwood candle from Target, and my Chloe perfume

I couldn't be happier about how this space turned out and the fact that it only cost $200! I was considering buying this Penelope nightstand from West Elm and it would have cost me $200 just for a table with a fraction of the storage. I hope you feel inspired to start decorating a small space you've had on the back burner or to give a preexisting space a little TLC. Just remember to be creative and think outside of the box! You can check out the shopable links below to check out some of my finds plus other items I think are great!

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper xx