PTVD: Post Traumatic Vacation Disorder

For those of you who have me on snapchat, you'll know the last couple weeks of my life have been a whirlwind of vacationing, parties, exploring, and restaurant hopping all along the West Coast (blog post to come...)!

Until graduation, I didn't find it too difficult to get back into the swing of things after a vacation. With the flexibility of a casual dress code, class schedules, and university lifestyles, I didn't feel the same pressure to get back into a routine with such a time crunch! 

Cue the 9-5 PTVD: Post Traumatic Vacation Disorder. Now the reality of early mornings, healthy lunch prep, endless work emails, and playing catch-up with friends and family can be overwhelming. These feelings and responsibilities may be new for those of you entering the workforce or taking on more responsibility at work, so I've put together a must-do list for how to return gracefully to work from a vacation so you can stay relaxed and refreshed. 

1) Come back before you absolutely have to! 

Although it might be nice to have an extra day in paradise, you'll THANK yourself when you return with enough time to do laundry, grocery shop, clean, and meal prep for the week ahead. Your first week back things will pop up, so my rule of thumb? Plan your return either the Saturday night or early Sunday morning if you plan to start on a Monday.

2) Schedule in a work-out first day back

Its well known that endorphins release euphoric feelings and its a necessary step for me to keep my sanity from M-F; so your first week back from vacation should be no different! In my opinion, this is even more important when you return to the craziness of post-vacation stress. The workouts that I frequent in Toronto (Studio Lagree, F45, Big Hit + SpokeHaus) book up well in advance, so make sure to reserve a spot before you take off. 

3) Pre-Departure Meal Prep

This was crucial for me this last trip after having the worst luck with a delayed flight and a customs interrogation. Having a healthy dinner to heat up in the microwave when I walked in my front door made me feel better about all the vacation indulgences and confident that I'd get back on track for the upcoming week. If you want to take it a step further, I would recommend to meal prep for the first week back so when you return you have that extra bit of time for playing catch up with work and friends. 

4) Sort by Sender: Don't read your emails in chronological order

Sort your emails by sender while you're away. This might seem odd but you'll probably take a lot of the stress away when you answer the emails sent by colleagues, leadership, and important clients first. I don't know about you, but half of my inbox on a daily basis is inundated with retail sales or social media notifications, so if you sort by sender you won't have to sift through what is relevant or not upon return. 

5) Schedule some friends time

Although it might be a nice thought to come back to Netflix and Chill all week , I guarantee you'll settle back into routine faster with some much needed R&R with loved ones. If you have a time change adjustment to make, having scheduled appointments or commitments after work will also make it easier to adjust into your time zone. 

6) If all else fails: follow this motto

A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away!

What other tips do you guys have to get back into routine after vacation? Leave a comment below!