My Skincare Routine

I've always struggled with having a consistent skin care routine. As a teenager, I was lucky enough to have relatively clear skin that didn't require much attention beyond using a gentle cleanser and applying moisturizer.

In my adult years, I've struggled with some cystic acne on my lower chin and now that I'm in my late (sigh) twenties have noticed some signs of aging. Over the past six months, I've discovered some great products from Kiehl's that I've enjoyed using and have made great improvements to the overall health of my skin.

On a daily basis, I use my Ultra Facial Cleanser, morning and night. It's a soft gel and doesn't get overly foamy; my skin feels fresh after washing it off. Two or three times a week, I'll go for a deep clean and will use my Purifying Foaming Cleanser from the Clearly Corrective line. It foams up wonderfully and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. 

After my cleanser, I apply a generous amount of my Ultra Facial Toner to a cotton pad and apply it to my face in a circular, upwards motion. This toner is great since its non-alcoholic and doesn't leave my face feeling tight. In the evenings, I let my toner dry and use 4 drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum. This serum is definitely the 'newest' product to my routine as I had never used another serum up until this year. I do find that it does a good job of repairing and revitalizing my skin at night.

If I've used my serum, I'll give it a minute to sink into my skin and will then apply my avocado Creamy Eye Treatment. This cream works best if its warmed before application so it really absorbs into the skin. I'll take a generous amount and warm it up by rubbing it between the pads of my two ring fingers. It then gets applied directly to my eye area (up to my brow and down to my cheek bone) using my fingers. I use two variations of the Ultra Facial Cream - one with 50 SPF for day and one without for night. The cream is Kiehl's original formulation before they added the moisturizer to their line. In my opinion the cream absorbs into my skin much better and is lighter that the moisturizer. 

I would recommend any of these Kiehl's products if you're looking to add something to your routine. Make sure to check out the shoppable links below. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper XX