I Got Baked In San Francisco

I'm lucky enough to live within a 5 minute walk of one of San Francisco's most famous bakeries, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. This bakery is most well known for their neon sign installation (pictured above) and their delicious baked goods. Their Cruffins (a delicious croissant/muffin creation) are ready at between 8AM and 11AM daily. They have a weekly curated flavor list that gets posted to their Instagram every Monday morning. 

Beyond the famous Cruffin, they have other delicious baked goods ranging from savory to sweet to satisfy everyone's cravings. The jelly filled doughnuts are amazing and I'm a sucker for any one of their croissants. On this trip, I just went with a plain old chocolate croissant which did not disappoint. If you're looking to score one of their boxes, you need 6 items which will run you about $25-$30. 

Mr. Holmes keeps their coffee on the simple side with drip coffee but still delicious. The coffee cups and sleeves add just the right touch for some great photos. If you're in the mood for a latte or specialty drink with your baked goods, Jane on Larkin is just down the street. 

Mr. Holmes is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. The best time to go is early Monday through Wednesday; there tends to be less of a line and a full selection of treats. If you're in it for the 'gram, you'll be able to get some good pictures too instead of weekends which are insane. If you're in it for the Cruffin, you'll likely get your hands on one during the week, but on weekends ensure you're lined up well before opening to get your hands on one of their coveted 'guaranteed' Cruffin stickers. 

Make sure you get 'baked' if you head to San Francisco this summer. Check Mr. Holmes out on Yelp! and Instagram

As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper XX