March Favorites


Kiehl's Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream
Pepper: I mentioned this product in our Health Hair Sunday Series post a few weeks ago but it deserves another shout out! I incorporated this heat protectant into my hair routine in late February and have been obsessed with it. It has made my blowouts straighter, shinier, and they are lasting even longer than they used to. 

Skin Care Favorites
Piper: This month I've focused a lot of my favorites on beauty. There is no better investment than your health, and that is directly correlated to my happiness. For me, having clear and beautiful skin makes me confident, happy, and ready to take on the day! Unfortunately, I also become victim to occasional chin break-outs and excessively dry skin during the harsh winter months. The cold and my skin just don't get along! I recently found out about La Roche Posay, a skincare line that is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin. I've linked my favourite products so far below! One trick I picked up from my last visit to a dermatologist, is to immediately apply moisturizer after "towel-patting" post shower. This way, your moisturizer can pick up the remaining water droplets from the shower and use to hydrate your skin. 

Linked below are my other favourite products from March. I stumbled upon Revlon Kiss, and for under $10 dollars, it gives just the right amount of colour and shine to finish an everyday look. The Origins Charcoal mask to clear pores, is a much more gentle alternative to the YouTube craze of charcoal peel-off masks. 


ADIDAS Tubular Shadow Sneakers
Pepper: I've been loving my new ADIDAS Tubular sneakers! I had been wearing my Vince Blair 5 sneakers throughout the winter and was ready for a change. These sneaks are definitely more on the athleisure side of casual but work for my everyday (casual) life in SF.

Puffer Jackets
Piper: This March in Toronto has been a ebb and flow of weather, and I'm so thankful for having an array of puffer jackets to help navigate the right amount of coverage. Mine are from earlier seasons of Zara (similar here), but my sights are set on something a bit more technical and fashion forward. I've linked a few of my options and a few are on sale!


IKEA HEMNES Full Length Mirror
Pepper: If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have already seen my IKEA HEMNES mirror. I was lucky enough to snag this mirror from a friend when she was moving out of town earlier this year and it has been a welcome additional to my little studio. A mirror is a great way to make a small space look bigger and not to mention this one is amazing for taking full length outfit pics! This mirror is a steal from IKEA at only $99 and comes in white (pictured) and a nice deep brown. The majority of the other decor and knickknacks in my place are from Target. 

Piper: This month, I have perfected a homemade almond recipe (post to come this week!). This has taken my tea and latt√© game to a new level. Part of that perfection starts with having great kitchen appliances. I turn to my Breville Milk Cafe and Breville Variable Temperature Kettle. Until recently, I didn't know that different types of teas (green, white, oolong and black) need to be brewed at different temperatures and if neglected, can actually produce a burnt taste! Enter the Breville. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Pepper & Piper