Hoop Art: A Mother's Day Gift Guide


I was walking home from a morning full of errands and happened across Gather in Hayes Valley. I've been by this spot quite a few times but for some reason felt drawn to pop in and browse. With Mother's Day coming up, I've been on the hunt for something small but meaningful to take back to Toronto with me next weekend. My mum and I share an appreciation and love for unique, local, hand crafted goods which made Gather the perfect place to find the thing that I was looking for. 

I'm a sucker for anything that represents the Golden Gate Bridge so when I saw this hand made embroidery hoop art, I knew it would be perfect for my mum. This piece was delicately hand crafted by local artist Melisa Joy who sells her pieces in Gather as well as on her Etsy store.


Last summer, I came across this tea towel that I've framed and hung in my room. I loved the simplicity of the piece and its homage to Ontario with the summer night sky drawn out in constellations. My mum was kind enough to buy it for me and it serves as a constant reminder of where I'm from and where my family is. I'm hoping that this small trinket does the same for my mum whenever she looks at it and she has fond memories of our time spent together in San Francisco. 

The best gifts are the ones that mean the most and I'm so excited to be able to gift this to my mum on Mother's Day. I try often to remind my mum of how special and amazing she is but it never hurts to show it on Mother's Day too! So whether you're from San Francisco and can find something in Gather, or you find something online, just make it meaningful! Remember, it's the thought that counts!

Make sure to check out Gather on Instagram and their online shop! I find that browsing Etsy online can be slightly overwhelming and this store carries tons of amazing pieces from local artists across the United States and Canada.

As always, thanks for stopping by!! 
Pepper xx