Hair Care: Must Haves

For those of you, like me, who are obsessed with trying out new styles and colours, I know you can relate when I say, you don't realize the pain your hair feels, until its too late! I've been brown to blonde, to black, and back again, too many times to count. The effects on my hair were horrible! Last January (2015) I decided to make a change, and spent four hours and four hundred dollars to get the perfect ombre (see picture above). I can proudly say I haven't touched my hair with dye since! The ombre has allowed me to grow my hair out the natural way and I have noticed a difference, not only in the health of my hair but also in the way it lets me style it now too! With the summer months approaching, this means our hair will have to take on the heat, sun, and humidity; which is why I thought putting together my hair care must have list would be perfect timing. 

The picture above shows everything from washing to finishing that I use in my hair. I start washing my hair with Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair shampoo. Once I towel dry my hair, I use a Knot Genie, which are a life saver and it makes sure my hair is never tangled before I start putting product in. 

When my hair is brushed through and towel-dried, I put in two squirts (each) from both Marrakesh Oil and Neuma Blow dry lotion to repair my hair and protect against the heat. 

Order Moroccan Oil here, Marrakesh Oil here, and Neuma blow drying lotion here!

I bought this Elchim 3900 blow dryer from Trade Secrets a couple months ago, and am absolutely in love. It used to take me 30 minutes to blow dry my hair straight, and now takes me 12 minutes in the mornings. I separate my hair into two main sections, like in the bottom right photo and use a round brush to get it perfectly straight.

 This is what it typical looks like at the end! 

This is what it typical looks like at the end! 

There are a couple other tips and tricks I use for maintaining healthy strong hair, which include:
- Always pinning my hair up in a bun when I sleep, which prevents my hair from getting tangled and frizzy
- When I use my straightener, I keeping it at the lowest temperature possible
- I always let my hair air dry before starting to blow dry it (theres a science as to why this is helpful..!) 

Do you guys have any other products that you can't live without? 
Let me know in the comments below!
pepper & piper xx