Recently, we've been getting lots of great suggestions from readers on specific topics they want covered. Time and time again, we get told that we have great eyebrows (partly genetics) and partly because we have invested (heavily...) into certain products.

We thought in honor of #tbt Thursdays, we would bring back this tutorial on how we achieve Bushy Brows. But with time and research, we have added in a new product from the Benefit line that takes brows to the next level! The Browvo! Conditioning Primer is the best way to prime your eyebrows, giving it that instant thick and fuller look. 

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Enjoy and keep the suggestions coming! 

xx Pepper + Piper 

If you asked me a few years ago what beauty products I put on before I leave the house, I would have said mascara. If you asked me today, my answer would undoubtedly be filling in my brows. I'm lucky enough to have defined brows already but I love the way filling them frames my face and adds unexpected dimension. The one thing I've learned is that brows look better when they appear natural so stop waxing and threading your brows! There's nothing that a pair of tweezers and a little trimming can't fix at home.  

The products I swear by I pick up at Sephora: a spooly or mascara wand, Anastasia Brow Wiz in dark brown, and Benefit Gimme Brow in medium/deep. I've tried other products and combinations but I always fall back to these favorites.

Using your spooly, start by brushing out your natural brows and study your natural shape; you want to figure out where the beginning, middle, and end of each brow is. The beginning is directly above the outer side of your nose, the middle is directly through your iris, and the end is at an angle out from your nose and outer corner of your eye. Mark each point on your brow to act as a guide.

Using your Brow Wiz, draw a straight line from the bottom to the top of the beginning of your brow and line following your natural arch along the underside of your brow. Your guide dots and lines give you the shape of your brow to fill in. Using small natural looking strokes, fill in the rest of your brow. If you see the guide dots left over, run the spooly through the hairs until they disappear. 

Tokeep my brows looking polished all day, I run the Benefit Gimme Brow over top of the Brow Wiz. This enhances your bushy brows as well as keeps your hairs up and in place. Finally, to blend everything together, I run the spooly through my brows from beginning to end in upwards motions as many times as needed. Et Voila!