Find Your Soul

I am not ashamed to admit that since moving to San Francisco I have joined the SoulCycle cult. Now, my weekend does not feel complete without a ride. There is just something so invigorating about feeling like your part of a pack of people all striving for the same thing; to find our soul.

This past Saturday morning, I took Tirell's class in the Castro and left feeling so energized for the weekend ahead. For me, my SoulCycle class is much more than an intense 45 minute workout; it also gives me the opportunity to mentally disconnect from the world and focus on who I am, why I'm there, and how I'm bettering myself by getting on the bike.

SoulCycle has multiple locations around the Bay Area to suit your schedule and regardless of which studio I go to (I've been to Union Street, SOMA, Castro, and the Palo Alto location) I leave feeling better for it. In my experience lots of water, multiple hair elastics, tight clothing (even just a sports bra), and a good attitude are the keys to success. You get what you put into the class and at $30 a class, believe me, you work for it. 

SoulCycle is a 45 minute dance party on your bike. Forget looking at your RPMs and your heartbeat; we are concerned with finding the beat of the music and letting that take us on our journey. I love the feeling of having accomplished something mentally and physically at the end of a workout and SoulCycle gives me exactly that. 

My favorite instructors are Natalie, Tirrell, and Bea so give them a try the next time you grab a bike!

Unnaturally attached to the bike, take your journey, and find your soul. 


If you're in the GTA, Rocket Cycle on St Clair is just as amazing.