Small Space Style: Eucalyptus & Lavender Accent Wall

As some of you know, I've recently moved into a new (tiny) apartment in San Francisco and am beyond excited about decorating this new space. My recent Pinterest obsession has reminded me of the importance of having greenery and floral accents in your space. It instantly elevates your decor and has such a chic look. 

I was out and about on Friday popping in and out of shops on Polk Street and stumbled upon an independent florist. They had bunches of eucalyptus and dried lavender for sale which I thought would be perfect to add a little life to my white walls. 

For this DIY I used the florals (which can be picked up from any local florist or farmers market), butchers twin, 3M hanging hooks (obsessed with these), and scissors. Better yet, it only cost me $25; $18 for the florals and $7 for miscellaneous accessories which you might already have at home.

This process took me three steps per bunch: 1) cut to size 2) wrap with twine, and 3) hang on wall. Based on the space you have, you want to measure out roughly how long you want your bunch to be. Once you've gotten the measurements down, combine a large bunch of similar sized stems with clean stems at the top. You can play around the with arrangement to make sure you like what you see. 

Next, I took a large piece of butchers twine (mine was about 6 feet long) and began to wrap the twine around the clean part of the stems. I made sure to place the twine directly one on top of the other so the stem wasn't sticking through. Once you're at the end of the twine and you're happy with the thickness, tie it off the ends. I like the undone look and left the ends peeking out a bit. 

Finally, I look one of my 3M hanging hooks and placed it on the wall. These hooks are great because they're easy to hang, non-marking, and can be moved without a fuss. I wasn't exact with the placement of the hooks but you could use a measuring tape and level if you want a more precise look. 

Et voila! I placed my bunches of lavender and eucalyptus up on the wall using the hooks. My place smells absolutely wonderful and looks just as great. Let me know how your DIY goes! I'm on the hunt for small simple projects so leave any recommendations in the comments below. 


As always, thanks for stopping by!!
Pepper xx