Schulz Beauty | Toronto Beauty Studio

When my uncle decided to throw my Aunt Clare a 50th birthday bash themed "St Tropez Nights" {more party and outfit details to come}, I knew I needed to source a great Beauty Studio to get my glam on.

Thanks to social media and my favourite tool, Instagram, the name Schulz immediately came to mind after seeing multiple photos of amazing makeup and glow tans from this establishment.

The entire experience was lavish from start to finish. Jenn Schulz who comes from Vancouver opened up shop a couple years ago right around the corner from The Thompson Hotel. In my eyes, you'll find the best brunch spots, shops, and restaurants in the city around this part of town; and Jenn's studio does not disappoint. 

I got the 24 Karat Glow, done on Thursday and the tan is still receiving compliments from colleagues on Monday (aka asking where I was vacationing over the weekend ha!) . Not only did the tan look great at the event, but it didn't ruin any bedsheets or clothing while it was being processed {and I have white sheets...!}. 

With tank top and shorts weather around the corner, for those of you who have banned tanning beds {with good reason!} and are looking for a little extra colour before the natural glow sets in, I would highly recommend Schulz Beauty! 

Visit her website for more details or to book online: here

  As always, thanks for stopping by!
Piper xx