Hometown Pride

Over the past few months, I've noticed a big increase in people wearing "hometown pride" apparel on the streets. As a Canadian living in San Francisco, I'm quite proud of my Toronto roots and was used to showing it off by wearing my Jays hat. When I came across Peace Collective, I knew I needed to add some of their items to my wardrobe. 

Outfit details: Toronto vs. Everybody sweater, Roots ballcap (similar)

Over the holidays, one of my best friends had read my mind and got me this awesome Toronto vs. Everybody sweater from Peace Collective. It's perfect for those windy San Francisco days where you need a second layer and I love the chic urban vibe it has. I've been thinking about adding this Home is Toronto tshirt to my collection as well. If you're not from Toronto, they also have a great Canada collection.

Outfit details: Soulcycle San Francisco tshirt, Forever 21 necklace (similar)

Now that I do live in San Francisco, I also wanted to be able to represent my love for this city. I walked into Soul Cycle one day in December and instantly fell in love with this shirt. It fits my style perfectly (distressed in black and white). It is amazingly soft and just perfect for lounging around in. Unfortunately, Soul Cycle currently doesn't have this shirt in stock as they get in new items on a weekly basis. They do tend to carry items that represent hometown pride so just make sure to keep a lookout when you're in studio.  San Franphsyco clothing also has a ton of similar great hometown pride stuff in stock.

Now if you're not from Canada, Toronto, or San Francisco and still want to be able to represent your hometown pride, I've found a few options for other cities. 

Everywhere else from American Eagle

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